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News:Future of Five-axis bridge type laser stone cutter(smart type)



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  • CNC table machining center

    CNC table machining center

    The CNC table machining center with engraving function is equipped with an engraving machine to improve the utilization rate of the equipment. It is suitable for users whose surface processing is not saturated and has a small amount of engraving. Compared with an engraving machine + a countertop machining center: small footprint and low investment cost , personnel and equipment utilization high countertop machining center with engraving is under the premise of retaining all the functions of the fully automatic machining center; carry out certain upgrades and improvements, adding an independent engraving head (making it have better performance when engraving)

YKT Machinery Co., Ltd

YKT Machinery focuses on the deep processing of granite 、marble and quartz products. The company's partner are engaged in the stone machinery industry for many years. They integrate some excellent brands in the domestic stone machinery industry and work t

1.Technology integration

After nearly 30 years of development in China's stone and stone machinery industry, after the market demand determines the product development, the current stone machinery industry is very prosperous and complete, how to provide customers with a scientific and effective way. High quality and reasonable equipment purchase plan, this is a question we are constantly thinking about.

2.Price integration

Reasonable equipments, reasonable price, we promise that the products are direct from the factory sales in the company, the price is not higher than the manufacturer's sales price.

3.Service integration

Every machines sold by our company, we provide a full range of services including installation, training, after-sales, etc.


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